Friday, August 04, 2006

And back to reality: my car radio was stolen today from just outside the office. Those pesky French swine managed to pick the lock of my Noddy car and disembowel the radio without anyone seeing them. On the second trek down to the commissariat to report the crime (first visit was aborted when we were told all the police officers were out at lunch), the police showed much forward thinking in allowing me to fill in my own report.

I struggled a bit on the Star Trek Enterprise computer, with no keyboard and touch pad only, but not half as much as I struggled when it came to describe the colour of my car. The French, lovers of language speaking the langage of lovers, don't believe in keeping things straight to the point. Red was just not an option - the closest I could get was brick red or garnet red. Poetry in motion .....


At 2:41 AM, Anonymous Yoda said...

So when do you start Les Whores de Media at Le Rosbif Pub? I'd even jet in for that one.


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